ky-mani marley


Career Highlights

  • Son of the late, great world-famous, Bob Marley.

  • Debut album in 1996, “Like Father Like Son”, topped the British Reggae charts!

  • To date, Marley has released 6 albums and a 7th is on it’s way!

  • Ky-Mani has appeared as a leading roll in the popular Jamaican films, “Shottas” & “One Love”.

  • Collaborations include: Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Julian Marley, Pras (of The Fugees), Protoje, P.M. Dawn, Patra, Young Buck, Afu-Ra & Jacob Miller.


The Marley surname perpetuates Jamaican royalty, resonates world-wide recognition and represents the pioneer of a cultural, political and social revolution. Reggae Icon and Legend Bob Marley blessed the world with his timeless, brilliant and message filled sound which continues to inspire and influence audiences today. With such a living past, Bob Marley’s conviction and passion for music unintentionally was passed to the lives of his offspring and has allowed the Marley name to remain relevant amongst the hierarchy of the reggae sound. Son of “Bob Marley” and “Table tennis”  champion Anita Belnavis. Ky-mani Marley is the second youngest of Bob Marley’s eleven children. While bearing the Marley name, Ky-mani’s childhood told a different story.

Responsible Agent

Ira Sweetwine

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