Inner circle

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Career Highlights

  • Grammy winning artist.

  • A global career spanning 50+ years!

  • One of the most legendary Jamaican Reggae artists in history.

  • Massive hits including “Bad Boys” (from the popular TV show “COPS”) and “Sweat (a la la la la long)” and so many others.


When looking at Inner Circle and their 50-year history in the reggae field there is much more than what meets the eye. This Jamaican bred, Grammy award winning quintet, is one of the world’s most respected reggae groups with a long string of successes stretching back to the mid-70′s. Inner Circle blends a special style of pop-oriented Jamaican beats and energy that have made them the leading stars of their movement. Their spirit through the power of reggae within live performances has allowed the band to transcend the traditional reggae niche and create a widespread crossover appeal. Inner Circle plays at many of the world’s largest music festivals, headlining alongside such towering pop and rock music icons as Elton John, Van Morrison, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Carlos Santana, and many others.

Responsible Agent

Ira Sweetwine

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