Alpha blondy

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Career Highlights

  • Reggae super-star known around the world.

  • Grammy nominated artist.

  • A career spanning 38 years.

  • Major hits include: “"Brigadier Sabari" , "Cocody Rock" , "Jerusalem" , "Apartheid is Nazism" and so many more.


Ivoirian star Alpha Blondy has certainly earned his reputation as the “enfant terrible” of African reggae. Indeed, the media have had a field day with the singer’s volatile personality, his unstable personal life and his string of nervous breakdowns. But nobody can deny that Blond’s hard-hitting reggae has caused a major stir on the West African music scene. Blondy, who rose to fame with the release of his début album un the early 80’s, has now built up a strong following of fans on the European music scene.

Responsible Agent

Ira Sweetwine

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